Hyperdesmo® System Bridge-Deck Build Up

Hyperdesmo® System Bridge-Deck Build Up

Creating large structures like bridges or car-park decks always involves waterproofing, because the steel reinforcing bars inside the structure needs to be protected against water penetration. They will otherwise be subjected to the water seeping through the substrate, and then, within a relative short timespan, will start to corrode and cause the premature structure failure. So, in order to give the structure longevity, a waterproofing membrane is applied on the substrate and then on top of that, the asphalt membrane is applied (depending on the system from other companies, several layers might have to be applied on top of the membrane).

With Alchimica’s Hyperdesmo® PB-2K System, you get a fast-curing, two-component, bitumen-extended, polyurethane fluid which produces a highly elastic, bubble-free, membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces.  Adhesion can be successful without primers and it boasts excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties. This membrane is perfectly suited for waterproofing large structures where a lot of movement is inevitable, as it is extremely flexible (2000% elongation) and, therefore, very capable of bridging shrinkage cracks in concrete and also makes the cured membrane almost impossible to penetrate. It also has excellent thermal and chemical resistance and the product never turns soft – the film remains elastic even down to -40 degrees Celsius.

The Hyperdesmo® PB-2K System is also a very useful product when waterproofing structural foundations as it is easy to apply by either roller, brush or, for larger areas, by airless spray.

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