Construction Solutions

At Alchimica, we always have our client’s needs covered.

With Alchimica’s well-known product-range, it is easy to stay competitive on a performance basis, but certainly also on a cost level.

With products covering waterproofing of foundations, roofs, water-basins or below grade walls, Alchimica has the solution for just about any scenario, with our broad range of polyurethane, polyurethane-bitumen, or polyuria based waterproofing products - both for repair work and new construction projects.


There are different features attached to the various products that we provide, so as to best suit the characteristics of any challenging problems within a wide range of construction situations.

All products from Alchimica have been through extensive testing and come with CE and EOTA markings. Exposure to the elements is almost always a major factor, but we can help you overcome the following threats: UV resistance, water and vapour resistance & different temperature ranges.

Application Methods

Bitumen-based solutions come in the form of regular and self-adhesive membranes or liquid sprays and, depending on the substrate, can be applied with or without primers. Polyurethane based product applications range from standard and self-adhesive membranes, to liquid spray applied membranes, and manually applied sealants and coatings.

You should always choose the application method best suited to your needs, according to the quality of underlying surface or substrate and size of the project. Our technicians will be happy to discuss which products will best suit you or your client’s needs.

Alchimica Building Chemicals