Hyperdesmo® Green Roof Build-up

Hyperdesmo® Green Roof Build-up

With the world moving towards a greener future, more focus is given to how we can better protect the environment. One way of helping out is creating buildings with Green Roofs - especially in built up areas like urban centres, where the term ‘Urban Heat Island’ effect can be a problem. 

The ecological benefits of using Green Roofs are:

  • Insulate buildings, reducing cost of both heating and cooling
  • Help filter and bind airborne dust and other particles
  • Reduce and delay storm-water run off
  • Help improve air quality by reducing CO2 levels
  • Sound-absorbing and insulating properties can help make the buildings and their surrounding areas much quieter
  • Reduce the urban heat island effect by cooling down and humidifying the surrounding air

With the Hyperdesmo® System and our fast curing PB-2K liquid cold-applied waterproofing membrane, we have created a perfect waterproofing solution for Green Roofs, as the two component materials form an easy to apply, seamless, 100% waterproof, membrane with a never seen before flexibility (2000% elongation). This makes the product root resistant, as it is impossible for roots to penetrate through the membrane.

It is easily applied, using roller or air-less spray, with a minimum consumption of 1.5-2.0 kg per m2 to create the thickness needed.

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