Hyperdesmo® System Build-up

Hyperdesmo® System Build-up

Hyperdesmo® is a one component polyurethane liqid membrane and is the solution for waterproofing such diverse jobs as pitched or flat roofs, car parks, water tanks, leaky roofs, balconies, wet rooms and many more and can be used for both new build structures and refurbishment. It adheres easily to many different substrates such as concrete, gypsum, tiles, EPDM, steel, asphaltic membranes and asbestos roofs, to name a few, and often a primer is not even needed for the mebrane to stick.

It comes in a variety of colors and our Hyperdesmo® White can be used as a heat-reflective coating reflecting up to 82% of solar heat, reducing the cost of cooling buildings massively and helping our environment becoming more green.

The product is easy to apply either by roller, brush or by spray application and it forms a seamless 100% waterproof membrane with more than 500% flexibility, so it gives room for extreme building movement, which occurs naturally in most structures.

The Hyperdesmo® System conforms to EOTA ETAG 005:2000 which guarantees a service life of a minimum 25 years and also has the CE mark.

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