Infrastructure Solutions

Solutions for Infrastructure – Roads, Bridges, Tunnels

When working on infrastructure projects, we often face different challenges when it comes to waterproofing – which can vary wildly in both complexity and scope.

At Alchimica, we have different solutions ready to overcome these challenges, with the most emphasis on durability, tensile strength, flexibility and viscosity.  A unique product like our Hyperdesmo® PB-2K has an elongation of more than 2000% and is highly usable in most conditions, as it adheres easily to most substrates – often without a primer,  (depending on substrate and condition of such). Products can be used for both refurbishments as well as brand new construction projects.

Whether we are considering projects such as car-parks, bridges, roads, reservoirs or tunnels, with Alchimica products, you will find the right solution that can be applied with ease and at a cost that will impact favourably upon the project budget.

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