Alchimica has a great reputation throughout the world as an innovative manufacturer of some of the most advanced and durable waterproofing membrane systems in the marketplace. This has always been founded on the huge commitment we give to Research & Development.

With seven in-house chemical engineers in our laboratories, plus a wealth of know-how and vision for the future, Alchimica is in a unique position to guide professionals within the construction industry towards the best solutions, be it waterproofing a roof, structural foundation or supplying the most appropriate sealants for the given situation.

When we develop new products or work to improve existing product lines, we always remain focused on our customers’ needs. Some notable areas we have developed and improved over the years are total resistance to UV-light, much faster curing time, cost effectiveness and, very importantly, the pursuit of reducing or completely removing the toxicity in a product.

We adopt a firm approach to contributing towards creating to a greener world. Alchimica is among very few companies world-wide to develop a PU water-based & non-toxic waterproofing solution ready for the trade with very similar properties as the solvent based ones.

Should you ever have any questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us – we have the best qualified engineers who will be able to answer your question.

Alchimica Building Chemicals