Become a Trained Installer of Hyperdesmo - The Worlds Leading Leading Liquid Waterproofing System for Flat Roofing and Structural Waterproofing

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We regularly hold training courses for roofers looking to use the Hyperdesmo polyurethane liquid system. This is your chance to become familiar with the Worlds leading, BBA approved, Polyurethane liquid waterproofing system.


You may already be familiar with liquid applied systems but, on this course, you'll get to see how the Hyperdesmo system differs and what the benefits are of using it on your future waterproofing jobs.


Theses benefits include:


  • The Hyperdesmo system can be applied to virtually any substrate in just one coat to produce a bubble and defect free membrane. This reduces your labour costs from having to go over and over again to apply multiple coats.
  • It's very fast curing which means you won't be waiting around. Particularly in the case of smaller roofs, you can be done in a few hours and ready to move onto the next job, meaning you can make more money!
  • The  performance of the system is second to none. Applied correctly, product failure does not happen. You can be confident that you won't have to waste time and money going back to repair it in the weeks, months or years ahead. The BBA and CE marks will more than back this up!
  • Cost. By ordering directly from us you can make huge savings compared to other systems on the market. No middle man means that the costs are very low. With materials starting from as little as £10 per square meter, you'll struggle to find a more cost-effective, or quicker to install, system anywhere!

Become Trained and Start Benefiting Straight Away


Our training courses are designed to give you all of the skills and understanding you need to successfully apply the Hyperdesmo system right away. The course is 1 day and is well worth attending. Training is held at our Pembroke Dock facility in West Wales. Once you've successfully completed the course you will be able to use the system on your future jobs meaning you can benefit from the easy application and cost effective way Hyperdesmo works.


You will be taken through the entire system, from start to finish. We insist on this to ensure that you have as hassle free experience as possible every time you apply it. Our skilled trainers will be able to answer any questions you have. If you've got some jobs in the pipeline then this is the perfect opportunity to find out everything you need to know to be able to submit a quote that will really appeal to your customers.

What's Involved?


You will apply the Hyperdesmo system to a mock up of a roof that we will have prepared before hand. You will use this to learn about...

  • surface preparation
  • apply sealant to joints, splits and cracks
  • applying the primer correctly
  • sealing the joints with either self-adhesive type or with geotextile fleece applied wet on wet
  • laying the Hyperdesmo top coat in either a one or two coat application

While we wait for the primer to cure during this process we will...

  • look at the way the Hyperdesmo system is designed
  • what's required for a BBA approved system
  • the safety aspects of using it
  • what other products are within the Hyperdesmo range and when to use them

There will also be a Q&A session. This is your opportunity to discuss the requirements of any work you have coming up, even if it's not directly related to the use of Hyperdesmo in a roofing scenario


And The Cost...?


These courses used to be free but, because of the BBA certification, we've decided to change the way we run the day. We've made it more hands on and more technical so you can fully benefit from the certification. To do this, we have to start charging, but it actually works out to be more to your benefit than ever!


How? We will charge £150  + VAT per delegate you send. However, to offset this cost, each of you will leave with £150 worth of free material! This means the course still works out to be zero cost and, depending on whether you charge a margin on the materials when you install them, as well as the labour, you'll actually make a profit!


Find Out more Now


To find out more about this training course, and to book yourself and your staff onto it, please fill in the form below and one of our team will be back in touch with you very soon.


    • please note, the course will only be run subject to suitable numbers of attendees being booked. In the event that the numbers booked are too low we reserve the right to postpone the course to a later date. Bookings made prior to that will be offered a place on the new, or any future, dates.