Case Studies | Small GRP Roof Refurbishment with 810

GRP roof refurbishment is one of the most common type of domestic job that contractors come to us for materials for. GRP is a very popular roofing material on small flat roofs as they are long lasting, seamless and lightweight. Like all roofing systems, however, it can fail over time. Although repair is possible it can be a difficult undertaking. You need to sand the roof, or even use Acetone solvent to clean it which brings its own hazards. Plus this adds to the time it takes, even on a small roof.


One of our customers was asked to undertake this small GRP roof refurbishment job on a property in West Wales. The roof was not in great condition at all. The GRP had worn over many years and it started to leak along the upstand. There were also very prominent cracks appearing in the membrane


The first step was to thoroughly clean it. Flaking material had to be removed the substrate made completely sound. Once this was done, the joint on the upstand was sealed with Hyperseal PU sealant. Finally, one coat of 810 was applied to the whole roof.


It really is THAT simple! No need for sanding or Acetone or expensive machinery to prepare the surface.


As you can see from the photos this roof started off very tatty but, now that the liquid has been applied, it looks great! Not only that but the leak has stopped. GRP Roof Refurbishment work needn’t be difficult with 810 GRP!


You can find out more about our 810 system here

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"Hyperdesmo was the ideal solution for the job. Quick and easy to apply and very reasonably priced too."

Les Smith

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I have used several Alchimica products in the past and I keep coming back to them. Reliable, outstanding performance and fantastic prices. Thanks!

Chris J

CJ Waterproofing

I used Hyperdesmo HAA and Particular on a tricky job which combined with the great advice provided by the team at Alchimica resulted in a successful outcome and a satisfied customer. Cheers!

W Simpson

Simpson & Son Waterproof & Damp Proofing

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