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This job came up recently for one of our Hyperdesmo trained contractors, Waters Roofing from Neath in South Wales. This job was over a clinic in Swansea. There was a leak in the roof that, after some investigation, the most likely problem was the gutter. The client, however, not only couldn’t be certain of where in the gutter the problem was, they weren’t 100% sure it was the guttering at all. With that in mind, it was decided to refurbish the guttering with Hyperdesmo Particular to see if that solved it. Without knowing specifically where the failure is, the fibres in Particular will give the liquid membrane enough strength the be able to easily cope with movement in any micro-fractures in the substrate.

What made this job more awkward is that the guttering ran down the middle of the roof. Coating Hyperdesmo up and over the edge of the guttering is fine but there is no obvious termination point. Without having one there’s always a risk that water will seep under it and cause it to fail, but laying a bar wouldn’t work either because it would prevent water from getting to the guttering at all.

As the existing waterproofing was single ply the first step was to do a quick adhesion test with our primers to determine which was the best option. Once that was done, the best option was determined to be running a length of butyl tape along the joints. This would seal the joints, preventing any water from creeping in. You simply overcoat this with the Hyperdesmo by 50-100mm and the waterproofing is secure.

As with all box gutters, it’s also essential to apply sealant to the change of direction from the base to the upstand. You then tool it to a 45 degree angle to give the liquid a smooth transition over the change of direction.

The processs from here is fairly straightforward. Our Primer PVC was determined to be the best primer for this type of single ply and, once that had cured, Hyperdesmo Particular was used in 1-coat over the whole of the guttering. The job took less than a day!

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"Hyperdesmo was the ideal solution for the job. Quick and easy to apply and very reasonably priced too."

Les Smith

LS Roofing

I have used several Alchimica products in the past and I keep coming back to them. Reliable, outstanding performance and fantastic prices. Thanks!

Chris J

CJ Waterproofing

I used Hyperdesmo HAA and Particular on a tricky job which combined with the great advice provided by the team at Alchimica resulted in a successful outcome and a satisfied customer. Cheers!

W Simpson

Simpson & Son Waterproof & Damp Proofing

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