Case Studies | Roof Repair: Slaters Menswear, Aberdeen

One of our authorised Alchimica contractors, M Howie Roofing, Aberdeen, recently undertook a complete repair of the roof of this warehouse in Aberdeen. The waterproofing was failing rapidly and the roof was in a terrible general condition.

In fact there was so much water under the felt in places that it was like walking on a large waterbed. It was a particularly challenging roof to work on because of the size and weight of the granite that was on top of the insulation.

This roof had leaked and caused problems for years and years. The building was constructed in the 1920’s and the waterproofing was failing badly.

The roof was something of a nightmare to work on and carry out repairs, which was due to the size and weight of the large granite chunks on top of the insulation panels. Water had passed below the panels as there was no barrier membrane between the stones and the panels. This had negated any insulation value the panels may have provided and gave the perfect medium for bacteria and plant growth.

The hardest part of the job was clearing the area. Because of the terrible condition of the roof there was a lot of rubbish and useless material to remove.

Once this was done, however, Alchimica’s products were used extensively. The required process was to:

  • Fabricate and fit new roof penetrations for A/C pipework etc. and seal with Alchimica Hyperseal 50FC
  • Prime roof surface with Alchimica Microsealer 50
  • Coat roof surface with Alchimica Hyperdesmo PB2K
  • Apply adhesive and fix down Rockwool recovery boards
  • Apply self-adhesive fleece joint tape to all board joints
  • Create a filet with Alchimica Hyperseal 50FC to all joints between the recovery boards and the perimeter wall, roof penetrations, condenser frames and upstands etc.
  • Apply Alchimica Geodesmo 50 Primer to complete surface and allow to cure
  • Apply Alchimica Hyperdesmo HAA in two coats for a total coverage of 2kg p/m²
  • Apply Alchimica Hyperdesmo ADY-E, 1m x 100m fleece rolls, kiln dried sand and a top coat of ADY-E (grey) to create a strong nonslip pathway between the roof access and condenser locations.

After years of problems with leaks and never being able to sort the problem properly Alchimica’s products offered the perfect solution. Given the size of the roof other waterproofing solutions would have been very costly. Ours however, was much more cost effective and, for the first time in many, many years, the warehouse roof was fully waterproof!

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"Hyperdesmo was the ideal solution for the job. Quick and easy to apply and very reasonably priced too."

Les Smith

LS Roofing

I have used several Alchimica products in the past and I keep coming back to them. Reliable, outstanding performance and fantastic prices. Thanks!

Chris J

CJ Waterproofing

I used Hyperdesmo HAA and Particular on a tricky job which combined with the great advice provided by the team at Alchimica resulted in a successful outcome and a satisfied customer. Cheers!

W Simpson

Simpson & Son Waterproof & Damp Proofing

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