Case Studies | The £4500 Job That Cost Just £600!

One of our approved contractors recently got in touch about a job they had carried out which really proves the point when it comes the exceptional value for money our products offer.

The owner of this house had a problem with a leaking roof. There was obviously a crack or a split somewhere in it, but the closest anybody could get was to say it was somewhere in the valley between two pitches. It was in a general state of disrepair and because of the poor state of it, pinpointing the actual source of the leak was going to be almost impossible.

This meant that renovating the whole area was potentially the only solution, which would involve:

  • Stripping back the tiles
  • Removing the lead lining
  • Removing any rotten boards underneath
  • Replacing the boards
  • Laying down a new lead lining
  • Relaying the tiles and replacing any that were too badly damaged.

Suffice to say this would not be a small or cheap undertaking.  Added to this would be the cost of the scaffolding and the disposal of the old materials which would include skip hire and the charge from the landfill site. It was also looking likely to be a lengthy job taking several days (assuming the weather was dry – weeks if not) to finish.

The best quote the owner got for this job was an eye-watering £4500!!

Fortunately, the homeowner spoke to our approved contractor and was pleased to discover that our products offered a very effective and far simpler solution to the problem. Rather than having to strip back the tiles and pull up all of the old materials, our Hyperdesmo Particular system could easily be laid on top of the existing roofing.  This meant there would be:

  • NO labour costs for removing the old roof
  • NO expensive replacement materials
  • NO disposal costs -at all
  • NO need for scaffolding

In fact, the work could be carried out by a single contractor in just a few hours with a brush and a ladder!

By laying Hyperdesmo Particular over the top of the affected area it is possible to create a fully waterproof membrane that seals the whole thing. The fibre reinforcement to seal the crack(s) (wherever they may be) is already mixed into the liquid when you open the tin. All you have to do is apply the correct primer (for same or next day application) and after it has set, lay the Particular over the top.

The job ended up costing just £600 which is a saving of nearly £4000 over the alternative! Not only that but the leaking has completely stopped and when applied correctly, the system has a working life warranty of upwards of 25 years! The membrane is chemically resistant to pollution and UV stable which makes it long lasting and very secure.

Here is the roof around 3 months after job was completed.

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"Hyperdesmo was the ideal solution for the job. Quick and easy to apply and very reasonably priced too."

Les Smith

LS Roofing

I have used several Alchimica products in the past and I keep coming back to them. Reliable, outstanding performance and fantastic prices. Thanks!

Chris J

CJ Waterproofing

I used Hyperdesmo HAA and Particular on a tricky job which combined with the great advice provided by the team at Alchimica resulted in a successful outcome and a satisfied customer. Cheers!

W Simpson

Simpson & Son Waterproof & Damp Proofing

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