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Hyperdesmo is Now BBA Accredited!

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5 Great Ways You'll Save Time and Money on Your Next Roofing Project with Hyperdesmo!

The are so many benefits to using the Alchimica Hyperdesmo system on your next roofing project, including: 


Fast Curing

The system is fast curing. It can be fully waterproof in as little as an hour and, on a warm day, ready for foot traffic in less than 2. That means you don't have to hang around waiting for it. You can be off the roof and on to your next job in no time which means more money in your back pocket!

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Easy Application

Hyperdesmo can be applied in just one coat to give a bubble and defect free membrane. Its unique formulation means it cures fully, no matter how thick it is applied. You can apply it with a brush, a roller or you can even spray apply it!

It doesn't require any heat sources, open flames or even any power based tools. On a domestic roof, you may not even need the owner to be there giving you more flexibility to plan your work, something that every roofer dreams of given how unpredictable the weather can be in the UK!

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Ideal for Difficult Jobs

It's ideal for difficult jobs where other liquids may struggle. The fibre reinforced liquid, Hyperdesmo Particular, can be applied directly to box gutters or into lead valleys without the need for trying to apply fleece. With Hyperdesmo, you can apply the liquids easily with a brush and not worry about working the fleece into the corners


Extremely Cost Effective - We'll beat ANY Like for Like Quote!

We know, with absolute certainty, that you'll pay less for our products than any other liquids on the market. Because we manufacture and supply directly to contractors we can keep our costs extremely low. 

If you've received a quote for another liquid system we will guarantee to beat it. Even if you've been quoted for a different type of roofing system, we're still confident you'll save money using Hyperdesmo. How quickly the materials can be applied, along with the fact you'll need fewer operatives to apply it, means your labour costs will be slashed!

25 Years

Long Working Life Expectancy

Hyperdesmo has recently received an upgraded CE mark, moving it up to W3 class. With just one extra, thin, coating of material, you can achieve a membrane thickness of just 1.2mm. This is enough for an implied working life expectancy of 25 years. It's the ONLY polyurethane liquid on the market today that has achieved this with such a low membrane thickness. 

When you apply Hyperdesmo properly, you know you're using a system that you won't have to go back to for years to come, saving you money and hassle compared to other systems.

And Now, The Hyperdesmo System Has BBA Accreditation!

The Hyperdesmo system has recently been awarded BBA Certification. This means the watertightness, fire retardantness, adhesion and trafficability are all approved. The certification says that once applied correctly, under normal service conditions, you can expect a highly durable system that will give a service like of 25 years


It can be applied in two coats, or just one coat with Accelerator 3000A, to give a membrane that's just 0.93mm thick! With the BBA having been given at this thickeness, you’ll need less material for the job which will not only save you money but also put less weight on the roof!

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Versatile and Ideal for Virtually ANY Job!


The environment being as it is in the UK, the demands on any roofing system can be extreme. Hard winters and hot summers, along with our constant exposure to wind and rain, mean that you need a flat roofing system that can handle everything. Hyperdesmo is up to 4 times more flexible than other liquids which means it can cope with the expansion and contraction of a roof in the changing temperatures we get all year. It is also up to 4 times more resistant to abrasion than other membranes so the constant movement of the roof underneath it won't break it down. 


Most impressive, however, is its chemical resistance. With pollution becoming an increasing problem, added to constant exposure to UV radiation and acid rain, many of the roofing materials you could use become brittle and break down over time. Hyperdesmo, on the other hand, maintains its integrity no matter how hard the elements and pollution test it. 


Why you use the Hyperdesmo system on a flat roof, you can be confident that you won't be going back there in the months and years to come to repair it at your expense. You'll do the job once and know it won't fail.

The Hyperdesmo system can be used on virtually any substrate, including:

  • OSB
  • Felt and Asphalt
  • Asbestos and Fibre Cement
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Single Ply
  • GRP
  • Fibreglass


It's also great on more difficult jobs such as

  • Box gutters
  • Lead valleys
  • Cut edge corrosion


We even have options that are ideal for going under decking or to provide a waterproof and root resistant membrane in green roofs.

Recently Completed Projects

Have a look at these recent projects that were done using the Hyperdesmo system. You'll just how easy and effective it really is!

We Promise to Beat ANY Like For Like Quote


If you've recently been pricing for some work, or are about to, then get in touch. We will promise to beat any like for like quote which will make you more competitive and help you to win more work!


With the primer and topcoat starting at just £10/m2 for a BBA certified system you're going to win so many more jobs!


Order 100m2 or More of the BBA Approved Hyperdesmo Membrane and Get The Same Amount Absolutely Free!!


To celebrate Hyperdesmo becoming BBA approved, we want to offer you the chance to get the Worlds leading polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane* at the equivalent of 50% off!**


If, between now and the end of November, you order 100m2 or more of the Hyperdesmo topcoat (about 200kg of material) @ £8/kg we’ll give you the same amount, up to a full pallet, for free***.


That works out to be the equivalent of just £4/kg!!


That means for example-


  • Order 100m2 of materials (200kg) and get another 100m2 free—that’s £1600 of free material!
  • Order 24 x 15kg tins of Hyperdesmo (360kg) and get another 24 free—that’s £2880 of free material!
  • Order 18 x 25kg tins of Hyperdesmo (450kg) and get another 18 free—that’s £3600 of free materials!


Plus, this would be a carriage paid order—there are NO haulage costs!


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