Polyurethane Liquid Waterproofing Systems from Alchimica

Finding the most durable, economic and time saving waterproofing system is a major challenge in building and construction. With all manner of structures and architectural concepts out there it can be a nightmare to find the right solution. Not only that, if some structural waterproofing has failed it can be almost impossible to find how, or where, the failure has occurred, Also, if you do manage to find it, sometimes it can be impossible to stop it.

When it comes to waterproofing in building and construction, polyurethane liquid waterproofing systems are hard to beat. You apply them as a viscous liquid which will cure to give a seamless membrane. Because they can be applied directly onto the substrate that needs waterproofing you’ll often not need to worry about stripping away old materials. That will massively reduce your labour as well as disposal costs.

Why Use Polyurethane Liquid Waterproofing Systems?

They’re really effective when it comes to waterproofing awkward surfaces. Because they’re a liquid they can easily be applied to awkward areas with just a brush or a roller. There are also a range of primers available that mean they can be applied to really porous surfaces.

Seamless Waterproofing

On flat roofing in particular there are some significant benefits wo using polyurethane liquid systems. These include

  • 2mm membrane that you can achieve in just 2-3 layers means you get a very secure membrane without having to build the system up over multiple layers
  • This means there’s no significant increase in weight which is important for lightweight decks
  • Excellent UV resistance means that the roof stays secure for longer
  • If failure does occur they’re really easy to repair, even in a small area
  • This makes long term maintenance quick and cost-effective. You won’t have to remove and dispose of old materials
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What Makes Alchimica Waterproofing Solutions Different?

There’s a catch though!

In order to perform as an effective waterproofing system the polyurethane membrane must:

  • Be impermeable so that no water can get in
  • Flexible so that they can withstand the normal movement in the building
  • Durable so that they stay intact for years at a time
  • Breathable so that any trapped moisture can escape
  • Chemical and UV resistance so that pollution and prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate no matter how much stress it is put under
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Unfortunately, not all polyurethane membranes can do that…

That’s why you need Alchimica!

We offer a wide range of Polyurethane liquid membranes which fulfil the above requirements. We have developed products which will suit any of your waterproofing needs. They are made to provide long term protection against all natural elements.


From waterproofing below ground walls and foundations to highways, bridges and massive commercial roofing, the bottom line is the same:

ALCHIMICA is the ONLY provider you need!

To find our more just get in touch!

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