Liquid Roofing Systems from Alchimica

Liquid roofing systems are one of the most cost-effective ways to waterproof a flat roof. They're extremely versatile and can be much easier and quicker to apply. They can cure quickly and make repairing or refurbishing an old roof much easier.

Which Liquid Roofing Systems to Choose?

In the Hyperdesmo range we have a number of options suited to how you want the membrane to work. These include:

External Waterproofing Topcoat

When a roof has failed, or is in need of refurbishment, replacing like for like is not always possible. Removing and disposing old materials can be time consuming and costly. It can even mean taking the building out of use until the work is done. Applying a waterproofing liquid system to it means that, with just a bit of remedial work, you can quickly and easily restore a roof without the need to remove it. There's no heavy disposal costs and, in many cases, disruption to the rest of the building is minimised.

This is especially useful on difficult substrates such as box gutters, lead valleys and asbestos roofs.


Inverted Roofing

Inverted buildups can make great use of liquid roofing systems. This type of roof involves applying the waterproofing before the main roof covering. This can be insulation, a green roof or even as a coat to go under tiles, concrete or stone. Because the liquids are seamless there are no weak points and they have enough flexibility to cope with the movement in the roof. As they tend to be unseen once they're covered it's important to know that the membrane will be sound. You get this with a waterproofing liquid.

As inverted roofs tend to be applied sequentially, the ease and speed of application offered by a liquid can really cut down on the time involved.

Green Roofing

With the increased importance on reducing our environmental impact, green roofing systems are becoming more popular. A green roof not only reduces the carbon footprint of the urban landscape, it also makes for a more pleasant place to live.

As well as being suitable for inverted buildups, when used for green roofing liquid systems need a number of other features too. These include:

  • root resistance. Roots can cause quite a lot of damage when they aren't monitored and you don't want your waterproofing to fail because a root has punctured the membrane. Hyperdesmo PB-2k is certified root resistant which means it will stay secure if the roots from any plants try to penetrate it.
  • self-repairing. As well as roots, it's very easy for the membrane to be punctured by other things, such as nails. Provided they're pulled out within 2 hours the membrane will repair itself.
Green roof no logo or tins

Low Solvent Applications

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We also have a range of solvent free liquid roofing systems for when there are restrictions on the use of solvent based materials, such as near ventilation systems or on refineries. They are based on the same polyurethane waterproofing technology as the rest of our range. They don't, however, have the same odour or hazardous vapours. This makes them a lot safer to use indoors or in environments where solvents are forbidden.

Places like hospitals, school and even hotels could favour a solvent-free system. It minimises the disruption to their day to day operations and avoids them having to evacuate the areas directly underneath the roof in question. In the case of schools, as the application can be quick, it can often be done when there are no pupils present too.


These are just some of the ways that liquid roofing systems can be used for your waterproofing needs. Please fill in the form below for the complete range, and more information,. One of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.