Why Coat a Commercial Roof with a Polyurethane Liquid Waterproofing Membrane?

A polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane is one of a number of options to repair the roof on a commercial building. The roof of a building is the its most vulnerable area. Prolonged exposure to wind, rain, frost and sunlight can all take its toll on a roof. You’ll probably find that water ponds on flat areas which can cause major problems to the structure of the building. You may even find that you’ve got a localised problem which is difficult to find which can often occur around joints, roof detailing or guttering. This can be disastrous to any business operating from that building as leaks can damage equipment, products and even render parts of the building unusable.


So Why Use a polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane?


There are a number of reasons to coat a commercial roof with a polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane:



The roofing on many commercial units can be vast, potentially into the tens of thousands of square meters. A polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane can easily be applied to an area this size with either a long handled roller or a spraying machine. On most substrates, other than to apply some localised reinforcement, you’ll spend minimal time bent over or on your hands and knees. This makes the work more comfortable to complete!




The materials are competitively priced and, because they are relatively quick and easy to apply, a contractor won’t need as long to perform the work. This will save you on materials AND labour which is going to make your quote much more attractive to a building owner.


Minimal Disruption


There doesn’t necessarily have to be any disruption to the operations going on in the building itself. Because the polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane system is cold-applied there are no permits needed and you don’t need to vacate the building. You can do the work while operations in the building can continue. This means that loss of earnings and disruption to the business/service operating from the building is minimised.


Cold Application


Because there are no heat guns or open flames needed, the range of buildings you can work on increases. Refineries, for example, will not permit work that requires naked flames. They would probably be very reluctant to even approve work that is going to be disruptive to their operation. The same would probably apply to hospitals, schools, warehouses, hotels and so on. Offering a polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane system overcomes those problems.




If there are many penetrations, such as air-conditioning ducts or roof lights, liquids are much easier to apply in these awkward areas. Roofs tend to have weak spots around detailing and changes of direction which needs reinforcement. Wet on wet application of a polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane with a reinforcing fleece is easy to do and, in some cases, simply applying some self-adhesive fleece tape is enough.


Energy Efficiency


UV stable PU liquids are very effective at reflecting sunlight and, therefore, heat. This reduces the cost of cooling the building down, especially through the summer months.




Perhaps the roof is in decent condition but needs to be protected from the effects of UV light and pollution. Many substrates fail with prolonged exposure to UV light and the chemicals found in pollution and rain. They can also become damaged by the elements. Frost in the winter and heat in the summer can take their toll over the years. A polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane is a great way to prevent this from happening by sealing the roof. They have enough flexibility to cope with expansion and contraction and even cope with flexing in the roof caused by wind or the building moving.


Appearance and Longevity


Sometimes you may just want the roof to look better, or extend its lifetime. PU liquids give a seamless and smooth appearance that can “freshen up” an old or tired roof. They can also cover up small cracks that have the potential to cause issues in the future. Taking precautionary measure like this can yield major savings in the future.


Polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane  technology has come a long way in the last 30 years. The Alchimica Hyperdesmo system is a BBA and CE accredited product with a service life of up to 25 years. It’s also one of the most cost-effective as you order directly from us.

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