Our new 810 is designed specifically to use either as an overlay directly onto existing GRP or as a alternative to new GRP. It is a heavy duty, fully aliphatic membrane that can easily be applied in one coat with no primer to refurbish old GRP. Or, it can be applied in two coats with a chop strand matting instead of GRP on a new roof!

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The Key Features

Fast GRP Application

Fast Application


The 810 system doesn't need to be applied in sequential layers like traditional GRP. You would simply apply an initial embedment coat followed by a 225g chop strand matting. Finally you would apply a final encapsulating coat (wet-on-wet application). You won't need to do anything else! You'll save a lot of time and labour compared to traditional GRP.

One component GRP system



810 is a one component system that doesn't require any catalysts or hardeners to work properly. Where traditional systems may struggle, for 810 it doesn't matter what the weather is doing or what season it is!

No primer required



Most other flexible GRP systems require the use of a primer, but not 810. It will give good adhesion to old GRP or new OSB3 without a primer, which cuts your costs and labour!

Easy GRP repair



If the membrane does get damaged it is very easy to repair. There's no need for sanding or for Acetone cleaning!

300% Elasticity



810 is 6x more elastic than the leading flexible system. This is good news for you because it means 810 can be applied to much larger areas than traditional GRP can

Highly Weather Resistant GRP



It has a wide service temperature. This mean that 810 will stay sound in all weather conditions and all seasons!

More Cost-Effective



Because it requires fewer coats to lay it than traditional GRP the cost reduction is obvious. You'll not only need less material to complete the job but it won't take as long - cutting your labour costs dramatically!

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