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In research conducted by the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA) recently, the total area of roofing coated with a liquid roofing system has nearly doubled in the last several years. That’s not surprising as they are quicker and easier to apply than other roofing systems. They can be laid directly onto an existing roof, cutting out the time and cost of disposing of an old roof.

Roofing and Brexit

One area of concern highlighted by the LRWA is Brexit. Leaving the EU opens the UK market up to liquid products from all over the world. While this may increase competition and reduce prices it does also bring dangers. The biggest risks to the market are:

  • Lack of certification or testing. The problem with new products is that, often, they’re untested. The UK market expects guarantees of 10+ years and working life expectancies of 25+ years. How can you know a new product will achieve these? You can’t fast track 10 years of real-life application. Not only do you risk problems down the line if the roof fails but it can be harmful to the industry as a whole. Liquid roofing systems have a great reputation but it won’t take much for that to be diminished.
  • Poor product supply and support. This is also a problem, especially if the technical support is in a different time zone. Not only could support be much slower to get but linguistic barriers can be a problem. You may also have to wait much longer for the products to arrive and you may find that the minimum order quantities are significant.
  • Price. Increased competition may reduce prices but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the best value. From the point of manufacture to your customers roof, the products may have gone through several middlemen, each of whom will be adding their own margin.

Alchimica liquid roofing systems have got a 40+ year track record. We’ve been manufacturing and distributing polyurethane liquids that whole time. This means you can be sure that when we say “25 year expected working life”, we mean 25. We’ve got BBA certification and CE Marks to back that up (you can see both of those here).

We warehouse the products in the UK and also have a UK based, experienced technical support team. You can get materials in as little as 24 hours and you can get technical support by email or over the phone the same day.

Finally, the value you get from us is unsurpassed. The Hyperdesmo system is BBA Approved meaning it performs to the highest standards. As the manufacturer, we can supply direct. That means there are no middlemen, giving you more product for your money.

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I used Hyperdesmo HAA and Particular on a tricky job which combined with the great advice provided by the team at Alchimica resulted in a successful outcome and a satisfied customer. Cheers!

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